WI Rare Birds: 2nd Week of March

I used to (well, technically still) have another blog, but I’m in the process of migrating my content over here. Every month (or less, in peak times), I have done a rarity highlight of rare species that have occurred in Wisconsin for given time windows. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but a reminder of some cool things that have shown up in the past.

This year, March has been a little dry so far, but all the more reason to “rally” around some finds that have been found this time in previous years!

Rare bird records in Wisconsin for the 2nd week of March…

  • king eider
  • mew gull: Interestingly, mew gull was almost annual in the state 1986-2008, but hasn’t been found since. Some of my friends remember the mew gull that showed up every fall/winter along Lake Michigan for a decade (1998-2008)! Maybe, eventually, one will return and stick around.
  • black-legged kittiwake
  • American three-toed woodpecker
  • curve-billed thrasher
  • green-tailed towhee
  • black-throated sparrow
  • lark bunting
  • chestnut-collared longspur
  • black-headed grosbeak
  • gray-crowned rosy-finch

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