Northern Lights and Moon Rise Over the Lake!

The night was spectacular; I only wished I had something better than an iPhone to catch it all on! I caught this photo from the beach across from my apartment. I was watching a great northern lights show when the moon began to rise over Lake Superior. At first it was just a bright red glow on the horizon, then the orange moon peeked its way over the surface. It was a little distorted by the water’s edge, which was neat to see. When the moon was higher, there was a long, orange moonbeam reflected all the way down the lake, with little ripples on the water. It’s one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen! It was a crystal clear night, with the milky way faintly visible and a few meteors. Also, so many birds were migrating over; the night was far from silent with a seemingly constant stream of flight calls overhead.

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