December Rare Birds of Wisconsin

This is an interpretation of the Wisconsin state checklist and records during the month of December, as well as local knowledge/recent sightings. A Pacific loon was found on a private lake in Marquette Co. last year. Black-legged kittiwake was found in Green Bay. Last year this time, there were king eiders being spotted in Toronto.

On the big lakes, it’s good to be aware of some possibilities…

  • Ross’s gull
  • mew gull
  • glaucous-winged gull

Ancient murrelet has been found inland, though still still near a big lake in Dec. decades ago. Last year, an American three-toed woodpecker dazzled lucky spectators, and we can only hope for one this year. Surprisingly, vermilion flycatcher has been spotted in the state in Dec. Also, one can hope for a rogue curve-billed or sage thrasher at a feeder. Currently, there’s a black-throated gray warbler coming to a feeder in the UP. Other long shots, but feeder dreams possible this month…

  • green-tailed towhee
  • black-throated sparrow
  • lark bunting
  • black-headed grosbeak
  • Bullock’s oriole
  • Scott’s oriole

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