What I’ve Learned About Teaching

I haven’t had extensive classroom teaching experience yet: I TA’ed forestry practicum twice over the summer at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and TA’ed 2 sections of introductory astronomy lab when I was an undergrad. My students helped teach me how to helpfully communicate new concepts, and a few ubiquitous patterns played out, such as: you always get […]

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The Steps to Getting Started Birding

Just look/listen from your window, deck, backyard, etc.! Notice birds you see around you. Take note of what you can identify and what you can’t (sights and sounds) and let your curiosity drive you to investigate. Get a good field guide and study up! Learn what’s around you by looking at seasonality and range maps. […]

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Learning to use Google Earth Engine

I’m poking my way around Google Earth Engine and seeing what’s here, as well as learning some basics of the Python API. They have image and feature collections, accessible through API functions… ImageCollection FeatureCollection() You can pass the name of a collection to FeatureCollection() to query it. Sometimes these are actually Fusion Tables. It’s kind […]

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My Experiences as a Student

This is my processing of what I’ve experienced, having been a professional, full-time student until last year, when I finished my Ph.D. at 29. At this point, I’ve sat in classrooms much more than I’ve been in front of them, and I can perhaps illustrate the brokenness of the curriculum/semester/grading/course scheme best through my experience […]

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