Anthropology & Ornithology Musings

It’s interesting to me that so many ancient cultures named birds by their sound, and I think it’s related to why birds are so relatively easy to sample today: they make noise, and somewhat predictably! When we do point counts, most species are detected aurally. So, in the soundscape, it would have made sense for […]

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#NameThatBirdSong (Twitter Sci-Comm Game)

Today’s bird of the day is: ring-billed gull! Birds I’ve covered for my twitter game so far are… American black duck mallard herring gull common raven Canada goose common redpoll painted bunting pileated woodpecker wild turkey bald eagle American robin American crow black-capped chickadee

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Considering Planning a “Spring Break” Trip

So I don’t really get spring break anymore, but I’m thinking about heading to the Black Hills Mar. 24-Apr. 1 this year. I want to bee-line to the Badlands (get to Blue Earth, MN Friday night and drive the rest of the way Saturday). I hope to catch some straggling gray-crowned rosy-finches before they’ve left […]

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