Review: Peterson Field Guides Birding by Ear (Eastern/Central)

The 1st disc starts with a “dawn chorus” that is also a nice little quiz once you work your way through the CD’s! The credits mention that it is taken from an album for which I can’t track down an electronic recording, but it has been generated from more recordings than that, based on a […]

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What I’m Doing in Google Earth Engine

Right now, there’s a data set we want that’s distributed exclusively on Earth Engine. So, to break it into manageable/meaningful chunks for our analysis, we’ve created regions. We basically need to generate the raster (requires a “max” function for the time period of interest) for each year, and then clip the raster to each region […]

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St. Louis Co., MN Rare Birds: October

The list of rarity records for this month in my county of residence is astounding! (Cover photo cropped from original) king eider yellow rail ancient murrelet yellow-billed loon vermilion flycatcher northern wheatear Sprague’s pipit brambling gray-crowned rosy-finch chestnut-collared longspur McCown’s longspur black-throated sparrow Bullock’s oriole

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Yerkes Observatory Refracting Telescope

Paul & I looked through a bit of history, visiting the 40″ refracting telescope for an observing night. It was something I’d always wanted to do but never made time for when I lived in southern WI. The price to look through the old telescope is a little steep considering it’s an outdated refractor ($100/person); […]

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