What I Love About Birding (or Why I Bird)

I’ve always had a natural curiosity about birds for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t really get hooked into birding until I learned more about it in undergrad. When I took ornithology lab, I learned how to learn bird song, and I learned more about my local birds (including seasonality of occurrence). […]

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How to Get Involved in Birding through Clubs

Here’s a guide to organizations I’ve personally interacted with and would recommend (though I know of several others in nearby locations and am happy to recommend if you leave a comment). This is where you can meet up with birders, find guided walks/events and other local birding information. Mid-Atlantic Howard County Bird Club Delmarva Birding […]

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GIS for Fun: My Digitized BBS Route

The North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) was meant to be a stratified random sample of the continent’s terrestrial bird populations, so we could monitor the pulse of populations and trends. When I went to the American Ornithologists’ U/COS conference (back when it was still called that) in 2015, I presented in a symposium dedicated […]

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Proposed Tiers of Birding Involvement

My post critiquing the latest federal report trying to quantify birders suggested that perhaps we try to break birding into additional categories, to somehow scale between the active birding community and the federal report’s estimated number of birders. I’m open to name changes, commentary, new definitions, etc. but here’s where I’m at. These should be thought of […]

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True Life as a Continual “Student”

It’s a sign of a good attitude when you hear people say they’re perpetually a student of life. Academia is, unsurprisingly, one of the career tracks where you’re seemingly always learning something new for your job, and I think all of us are here because we love to learn. I’d venture a guess that science […]

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