Resources for Learning to Identify Bird Song

Like anything else, learning bird songs takes practice and close attention. Here are some resources and my experiences that may help guide you. How I Learned Mnemonic/Sound Pattern Recognition: When I took ornithology in undergrad, we used Peterson’s Birding by Ear which groups songs by characteristics and thereby teaches you to listen for broad characteristics, […]

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My Twitter Game: #NameThatBirdSong

I’ve started a game on Twitter, running weekly with the hash tag: #namethatbirdsong Every Weds 12pm I’ll post a bird song, and you tweet your own original (or post for a friend with attribution) mnemonic device, that differs from the widely accepted mnemonics taught for the posted bird song (#altmnemonic) along with the game hash […]

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Ecomusicology & Bird Song Mnemonics

Thanks to a conversation with my friend, Dr. Kaitlin Stack Whitney, over Twitter, I learned that there’s an entire field of study that is poised to look formally into some of the concepts that have been nebulously floating about in my mind about how we process bird songs. Most recently, I’ve been interested in mnemonics, […]

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Burlington Bay: Lake View Park & WTP

Today I fought my cold and went birding in the rain and 50’s┬░F to look for a┬áPacific loon┬áreported in the morning. Unfortunately I didn’t find it, but I did find a┬áred-necked grebe┬áon the lake. I walked down to the beach next to the water treatment plant and looked for rocks. After the rain picked up, […]

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