Vacation Birds!

We’re heading to Naples, FL today. Mangrove cuckoo is cryptic this time of year, but the only land species that would be a lifer for me that by all accounts is in range.

I’ll probably walk the beach in hopes of long-billed curlew, though they’re more likely farther north. The BNA range map doesn’t have them on this part of the coast, but the All About Birds range map puts them throughout.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 22.02.58
long-billed curlew range map from Birds of North America

As you can see, the BNA range map has them north of Naples, more so in the Tampa area.

If I was able to take a boat decently offshore, pomarine jaeger winter off the coast, and black-legged kittiwake winter off the Atlantic coast. A trip to the keys might yield a masked booby.

My “lowest priority” chase would be black rail.

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